Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Post-Capitalist Pope Backpeddles

One commentator discusses the Pope's "damage control" on his criticism in his Evangelii Gaudium of the reliance on capitalism as a panacea for "social justice"; his quote of the Pope's interview are echoed below with his editorial comments are in red.  Reza Aslan and many other leftists jumped at the chance to enlist the Pope in their war against capitalism. 
Some passages in Evangelii gaudium attracted accusations from American ultra-conservatives.  [For an Italian journalist, even for this publication, not being a socialist makes you an ultra-conservative.]  What effect does it have on a Pope to hear himself called a “Marxist”? 
Marxist ideology is wrong.  In my life I have known many marxists who are good as people, and because of this I don’t take offense. 
The words that struck the most were those about an economy that “kills”…[And the Pope pounces. He was waiting for this question.]